I'M passionate about one thing... Luxury for Less

My mission is to find incredible experience tailored to client tastes- adventure, small hut on the beach with excellent service, a cruise in Alaska with amazing sights,  a trek through Europe, everything is on the table.

About Me

I was once a lawyer, and still love the work I did, but my passion for travel is making this my next step.  I love new experiences, and finding the details, reviews and planning that make a trip fun, and is suited to your interests.  Which cabin on a cruise ship?  I am looking on you tube for videos! Which hotel on the beach? I am scouring reviews.  And I love it.


I live in bucolic Lambertville, New Jersey, and I offer local concierge planning services for a perfect visit to our river town with a locals knowledge of the hidden gems.  Message me to plan a weekend getaway.

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Erin O'Leary, Owner

What People are Saying

"Erin helped me plan certain aspects of my upcoming trip to the UK... Erin has ben phenomenal, helping me with some really granual details that were confounding me."

- Ruth Anne


"Thanks to Erin O'Leary for arranging our cruise!! Look out Cozumel, Bimini & Grand Caymen!!! IF you looking or a top notch travel agent reach out to Erin."

- Penny


Incredible Personal Travels

Local, state side or international, these are a few places I have found and loved, message me and ask me about it


Lambertville, NJ bridge to New Hope PA.


Grand Caymen


Bird Watching, Cape May Point, NJ


Alaska Cruise


Fresh Maine Lobster


Paris Rooftop

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